“Working out with Jen is like working out with your best friend.” 

Working out with Jen is like working out with your best friend. I’ve had a couple of trainers in the past and no one compares to Jen’s passion and zest for training to make you become a better and stronger version of yourself. Her tenacity and knowledge shines through and she brings it every session. When I’m working out with Jen, I don’t feel like I’m working out and being bored to death. She mixes up our routines so my body doesn’t get used to the same boring workout. She is educated for a myriad of certifications and is always striving to pass her knowledge onto her cherished clients. In the past year, I have lost weight and inches and I am definitely more defined. I am more confident thanks to Jen’s training sessions and thank you Jen for giving me the mindset to push through and become the best version of myself. Monica B.

“…one of the most inspirational and motivational people I have ever met.” 


Jennifer Chicarelli is an individual who always goes above and beyond.  Jennifer has not only physically gotten me stronger and increased my cardio, but she has also sat by my side in the sauna to help me cut weight before competing.  Jen has gotten me out of my comfort zone, is consistent, and one of the most inspirational and motivational people I have ever met.  I’ve been lucky to attend a few of her women’s self defense classes as well as trained under her in the sport of Jiu Jitsu. Jen is truly an amazing coach with the kindest soul and the most helpful advice.  Kayla W.

“Thanks to Jen, I am the best me I have ever been.” 

I work out with Jen 3 times a week. She is awesome!!! I love the way she challenges me, motivates me, changes things up to keep things interesting and encourages me. Jen is not your average trainer. Between sessions, she texts me to check-up on me and to see how I am doing.  Thanks to Jen, I am the best me I have ever been. Cynthia S.

“Through working with Jen, I saw my health improve and my body transform.” 

I first met Jen at a time in my life when type 2 diabetes and stress were wreaking havoc on my body. After having an ab class from her l was quite impressed with her fitness knowledge. However, what stood out to me about her was how relatable she was and how she truly understood how my life’s demands affected my fitness goals. After having been burned by two psuedo-trainers, I decided to take a chance on Jen and in the end she turned out to be an answered prayer and a blessing to my family.

Jen understood my desire to not be dependent on a trainer and my desire to learn enough about fitness to give me the confidence to train myself after our sessions were completed. While I only sought to train with her for a month, she ended up being so good at personal training and so enjoyable to work with that my one month turned into six months. Through working with Jen, I saw my health improve and my body transform. Most importantly, Jen gave me a fitness education that will last a lifetime.

Jen always remained committed and dedicated to me and our sessions. She was kind and compassionate. Every session with her left me amazed at just how much she knew about fitness and amazed at her creativity with my workouts. Each workout was challenging but not grueling and felt designed for my physical fitness abilities. Jen was and still is a motivator and encourager and though it has been months since my last session with her, Jen still checks in on me which confirms my belief that personal training is more than just a job for her, it’s her passion and something I believe she is gifted at and called to do. Nichole D.


“Jen’s enthusiasm is motivating and infectious.” 


warning: working out with jen can be highly habit forming–and that is a very good thing!  jen is indeed a masterful personal trainer, and while she primarily encourages, promotes, and facilitates my physical fitness, she is an equal opportunity coach: she also enhances the fitness of mind and spirit.  jen’s enthusiasm is motivating and infectious.  she is skillful, adaptable, warm, positive, accepting, and patient.  her cheerleading is authentic and effusive.  jen is always innovating: she incorporates a mix of new and favorite routines and equipment.  while each one-hour session unfolds unpredictably for me, i can always be assured that jen will take me on a magic carpet ride.

one day, my friend met me early at the fitness center.  he was inspired to work out.  jen graciously and seamlessly integrated him into the session.  now, he routinely joins us mid-session.  jen never misses a beat! as a result, my friend and i are stronger, more flexible, more energized, and generally healthier.  jen makes fitness fun and convenient.  she comes to us, and we are so grateful she does!  thank you, jen! Julie T.


“Jen is compassionate and a great motivator ” 


I have always wanted a get a personal trainer, but I have rheumatoid arthritis and sciatic nerve and I was not sure if I was able to work out with a trainer. I finally made a decision to invest in myself and to get healthier. I met with Jen and  I was able to achieve my personal goals that I never thought was possible. Jen is compassionate and a great motivator she pushed me when I need the extra push, she has not only trained me but, Jen gave me the tools that will last a lifetime. Mary G.